Item Info

Mystic Crate Keys:
Get a random custom-made item from the Mystic Cratev1 at spawn! Please check Discord or in-game for crate rotation dates (this key will work on current AND past crates)! All items have equal chances. You will have 3 different options to choose from (chance of: 15.03% per item). Here is the current crates list:

MysticCrateV2 -- Current Crate 

  1. Treasure Trawler  - Fish up some great loot! (legend says, an elder guardian swims near this tool at lvl 5)(Legendary drops on death of guardian) -* Image included as it may be hard to see on some screen resolutions* 
  2. Sunbird's Plumage - Launch into the air by crouch + jumping 
  3. Wither's Edge - Applies Wither to mob/player - Every 500 kills = loot drop 
  4. Valley Smasher - Mines Logs (lvl1 = 1 above and 1 below mined block | lvl 3 = 3 above and 3 below mined block) 
  5. Salty Salt - Changes Copper blocks into Oxidized Coper Blocks
  6. Quickfire Pick - Mine Copper, Iron, or gold to get extra drops! (lvl5 = ~Fortune 6) 
  7. Feathered Sandals - No Fall Damage! 
  8. Sparkle Crown - Night Vision and Hero of the village 4 
  9. Warden Stake - Kill's a warden Instantly (15 second cool down) 
  10. Essence Amplifier - Turn Crops into EXP! (No drops - 5xp per crop) 
  11. Lamp of bad Omen - 40 Uses - get bad omen instantly! Last 5min 
  12. Infiltrators Wand - Apply Night vision + invisibility + speed 2 for 30 seconds (1 min cool down)
  13. Dusty Spade - on mine = Dirt to Gravel | Gravel to Sand | Sand Clay 
  14. Villager Mover - Move a villager (must be in your claim to pick up villager) - place anywhere! 
  15. Behemoth's Plate - Extra Hearts! 
  16. Ender Bow - Shoot and teleport to its landing location (need arrow and ender pearl) 
  17. Obsidian Crusher - Get 2x the obsidian drops + Chance to get haste 50! 
  18. Soaked Shovel - Turn concrete powder into concrete 
  19. Vampiric Slasher - Chance to heal you on killing of player or mob 
  20. Glass Grabber - Insta-mine glass and glass panes! 
  21. Winter of '23 - head bundle -- Image included (see image)


MysticCrateV1 -- First Crate -- Located nex to the collector under the current crate

  1. Breathbearer — Breathe underwater forever! (also see clearly)
  2. ShulkerBane - Take no damage from Shulkers! (keeps you from floating!)
  3. Butcher's Axe - Animals drop extra loot! (can't mind trees)
  4. Slime Seeker - Help the slime find its home! (find Slime Chunks)
  5. Soul Reaver's Ward - Heals you when a mob dies! (1 heart)
  6. Spawn-o-grab - Silk Touch Spawners (2 uses)
  7. Star Grasper - Fly through the air with a fishing pole!
  8. Golden Eternicarrot - Fill with golden carrots (food storage)
  9. Swiftstrider - Speed III? Boo-yah!
  10. Vitality Wand - Instant Health II (6 second cooldown - does not work in PvP arenas)
  11. Bountiful Bush - Fortune IV and Looting IV!
  12. Steakfinity - Fill with cooked steak (food storage)
  13. Mystic Pick - Upgrade as you mine blocks!
  14. Perpetual Rocket - Feed the rocket  gunpowder! (1 gunpowder = 2 rocket boosts!)
  15. Prismatic Clippers - Shear any color sheep for a random colored wool! (also drops XP!)
  16. Pyromancer's Wand - Shoot 3 fireballs at mobs or players! (2 second cooldown - PvP allowed)
  17. Witch's Brew - Apply different potion effects on a player or mob (does not work on the end dragon)
  18. Thousand Degree Spoon - Smelts blocks automatically! (sand > glass | mycelium > brown mushrooms | red sand > red stained glass | clay > terracotta, snow > packed ice | gravel > flint!)
  19. Amethyst Extractor - Silk touch budding amethyst blocks! (works on amethyst blocks after all uses are consumed)
  20. Halloween Head Crate - Assortment of Halloween themed Player Heads + a Shulker Box!
  21. Deepslate Drill - Instant mine deepslate & tuff (brittle but mines fast!)


Note: some custom items may receive balance changes that impact gameplay for the sake of fairness or to improve quality of life. Any lost items will not be reimbursed. Dying causing you to lose the item will not be reimbursed. 

Vote Crate Keys:
Get a random items from the Vote Crate at spawn! All items have equal chances. Here is the current crates list:

(from top left to bottom right)

  1. Valley Life Orb - keep in your inventory to survive death once!
  2. Voter Sword - diamond sword with all the sweet enchants
  3. Voter Fork - trident with riptide and channeling!
  4. Voter Pick - diamond pick with awesome enchants (no mending!)
  5. Everlasting Voter Pick - diamond pick enchanted with unbreaking 4!
  6. Voter Bow - enchanted with infinity and mending!
  7. Voter Reel - fishing rod from every fisherman's dreams
  8. Voter Helm - Diamond helmet with good enchants
  9. Voter Chesplate - Diamond chestplate with good enchants
  10. Voter Pants - Diamond leggings with good enchants
  11. Voter Boots - Diamond boots with good enchants
  12. Voter Shield - Enchanted with unbreaking and mending!
  13. Rain Stick - Summon rain and prevent players from sleeping!
  14. Sun  Stick - Summon the sun and happiness!
  15. 12 Diamonds
  16. 8 Diamond Ore
  17. 3 Ancient Debris
  18. Elytra
  19. Beacon
  20. Shulker Box
  21. 64 Golden Carrots
  22. Notch Apple
  23. 3 Golden Apples
  24. 1x Mystic Egg - Skeleton (use on spawner!)
  25. 1x Mystic Egg - Cow (use on spawner!)
  26. 1x Mystic Egg - Pig (use on spawner!)
  27. Enchanted Book - enchanted with efficiency 5 and mending
  28. 2 Rune Tokens - use at the rune shop nearby!


Note: some custom items may receive balance changes that impact gameplay for the sake of fairness or to improve quality of life. Any lost items will not be reimbursed. Dying causing you to lose the item will not be reimbursed. 

Crate Chance for Mystic Crate:
To understand your chances, Please read below: All items have equal chances:
The Mysic Crate has 21 options: It will present you with 3 different options: (see image)


To calculate your chances of getting a specific item, you will need to do the following math:
1 over 21 + 1 over 20 + 1 over 19

This gives you 1199 over 7980  or 15.03%


You will have a 15.03% chance of getting the item you want
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Rune Tokens:
Rune Tokens can be used at the NPC at spawn (left of main spawn)

1: Can be used to buy player heads (heads rotate seasonally)
2: Can be used to buy Mystic & Vote Crate Keys
3: Can be acquired by exchanging Mystic Crate Items tagged with [Rune Exchange] to the NPC

Tokens are given out during server wide events with equal chances of getting them.  Any lost items will not be reimbursed. Dying causing you to lose the item will not be reimbursed.